GBACC got its start in early 2006 when several local business owners met to discuss the pros and cons of forming a local Chamber. After a lengthy discussion, a decision was made to call a meeting of all local business owners to determine just how many merchants had an interest. The Mt. Airy Chamber of Commerce was contacted regarding a guest speaker for this first meeting, since the Mt. Airy businesses had recently begun their own Chamber and could offer much useful information.

In early February 2006, several individuals designed and hand-carried flyers inviting all local businesses to attend this brainstorming session at the Brunswick Railroad Museum. Several members of the Mt. Airy Chamber met with 36 members of our business community. Discussion after the meeting proved that there was much enthusiasm and strong support in favor of forming our own organization.

The principal objective would be to promote commercial/business activities and generate understanding/cooperation within the greater Brunswick area. The organization was chartered and held its first general meeting in April. Seventy members were recruited that first year.

GBACC continues into 2023 providing cooperative advertising opportunities, business directories, chamber events, a weekly newsletter and social media promotions. Members are listed on the organization’s website.