Covid -19 Brunswick Gradual Reopening Update

On Friday, Mayor Jeffrey Snoots released the following statement:
“Earlier today, the City of Brunswick Emergency Preparedness Committee met to discuss Brunswick’s position on the gradual re-opening process of certain businesses and activities.  After consultation with the City’s attorney, the Committee agreed to follow the Executive Orders announced by Governor Larry Hogan earlier this week.  The Governor’s Executive Order goes into effect today, Friday, May 15 beginning at 5:00p.m. Executive Order may be viewed at the following link: Click Here
The Mayor and Council of Brunswick urge all business owners to review and comply with these orders.  Business owners, patrons, residents, and visitors are all urged to follow best practices for social distancing, including wearing appropriate face coverings in public.  Please continue to stay safe and look out for each other.”
This statement applies only to businesses within the Brunswick city limits. If your business is outside of the City but in Frederick County, you should adhere to the statement from Frederick County Executive, Jan Gardner which may be found here:  Click Here
Note: There are differences between the State guidelines and the Frederick County’s which are somewhat more restrictive.