Board Members   Liaisons   Others
X Terry Lewis, President X Angel White (City)    
X Michelle McIntyre, VP X Abbie Ricketts (Main St)    
X Jerry Knight Secretary        
X Ellis Burruss, Treasurer        
X Sheila Gray        
X Callie Fulmer        
X Tim Wilson        


The meeting of the GBACC Board was called to order at 5:36 pm on February 6, 2017 by GBACC President Terry Lewis.

Approval of Minutes

Minutes from January 2, 2017 were approved by a motion from Ellis second from Michelle

Approval of the Treasurer’s Report

GBACC Treasurer Ellis Burruss gave the report. The report was approved as given.

Budget for 2017:  Ellis passed out a budget draft for members of the board to consider. The 2017 budget proposed spending more in line with projected income and is understood to be a guideline. The budget was approved.

The Brunswick BBQ Event was discussed.  Jerry made a motion, seconded by Sheila for GBACC to donate $250.00 to the event; it was approved with a 5 to 1 vote.  Tim let the board know if GBACC has a table at the event and the weather should be bad GBACC can move into the Legion Hall.

Office Meeting Space:  Jim Castle attended the meeting to discuss options for GBACC to use the Museum for meetings and other events.  Main Street has also offered a meeting place.  It was decided the Board will review proposals from both the museum and Main Street and decided on what to do.

Open Issues


Terry will gather the result of the “GBACC Wants to Know” survey and present the next Board meeting.

Business Breakfast:

GBACC will organize Business Breakfasts on an as-needed basis.

Brunswick Business Directory:

EDC will present an option for the directory cover sometime this week.

2017 Events:

Shred Day – Terry has received permission from the Brunswick Shopping Center to hold “Shred Day” in the shopping center parking lot. Jerry has secured (1) sponsor and the possibility of one more. We will need a total of (3) sponsors to cover the cost.

Biz 101 – This will be done as needed.

General Meeting – This will be discussed at a later date.

Smithsonian Display – Ellis made a motion to ask the museum if GBACC can have an event during the Display in July/August.  There was discussion on charging a fee to attend.  This will be decided at the next board meeting.

Business Directory Event – It was proposed GBACC has an event to release the new 2017-18 Brunswick Business Directory in March. Possibly incorporate into a General Business meeting.


Meeting was adjourned at 7:01 pm

The next Board meeting will be Monday, March 6, 2017

Minutes submitted by: Jerry Knight as edited by Terry Lewis and Ellis Burruss