In attendance: Debbie Robinette, President, Terry Lewis, Vice President, Jerry Knight, Secretary, Teri Pizzlola, Treasurer; Members at Large: Terri Shanahan, Sandra Lashley, Sheila Gray and Ellis Burruss, Liaison to the City Council

Call to Order at 4:35 PM

Treasurer Report: The Treasurer’s report was given and accepted as written by a motion from Terry Lewis and a second from Terri Shanahan. It was noted Teri should check with the bank on the service changes, the board thinks $12.95 is high for the fees. The “online service fee” of $9.95 was also questioned. The treasurer’s report is on file with the Treasurer and is available on request.

Committee Reports:

Membership Report: Debbie Robinette reported GBACC has one new member; Neuauer Building Services bring the membership total to 87. All the August dues statement have been completed and mailed.


The GBACC Place Mat should be out next week. The next advertising opportunity in rotation would be the Brunswick Citizen Back Page but the board agreed it is important to save that opportunity for the Christmas season so the Frederick News Post insert will be next. One side will be the ad for the Expo and the other side will be business ads. We will try to get businesses participating in the Expo to take out ads. It will appear in October.

Special Events:

Terry Lewis discussed the kick off to Railroad Days event on October 3rd. This is a GBACC and Brunswick Main Street event. Terry will meet with Main Street Manager Terri Householder on Wednesday August 27th to discuss the event. Arrangements will be basically the same as last year.

Expo – Ellis gave an update on the event. It is scheduled to be at the Brunswick Fire Department on Wednesday, November 12 from 5:00 to 8:00 PM. The Expo Boot Camp will be Monday, September 8th, 7:00 – 8:30 PM at the City Park building. Terri S. mailed letters to 30 restaurant and food suppliers. She will follow up with emails and phone calls. Food suppliers were instructed in the letters that they must provide food samples or they will be billed for the booth space. Special attention must be given to the food vendors in the weeks before the Expo.

There will be a Expo working group meeting in Lovettsville tomorrow (weds. 8/20) to mail the exhibitor letter and registration form to all of the businesses in the Directory. Lovettsville will be encouraged to recruit their businesses to register.

New Business:

GBACC has a logo sign on the Community Organization Board on West Potomac Street; before the sign was put up GBACC used it as a special events table sign. Airport View Signs made the sign and can make a smaller (18 x 12”) one that can be used for tables. The price would be $45.72. Debbie made the motion we purchase the sign with a second from Sandra.

Debbie discussed an email from Terri Householder, Economic Development Coordinator for Brunswick concerning a commitment GBACC made to donate $1,000 to the Billboard project. The billboard is located on the corner of Petersville Road and Sounder Road. This is a joint project between EDC, GBACC, Pleasants and Frederick County Tourism. After some discussion it was agreed GBACC should ask if the web site address can be added under the logo on the sign. Debbie will discuss this with Ms Householder. With the above provision it was approved with a motion from Terry Lewis and a second from Jerry Knight.

The GBACC Membership Meeting on October 8th is the same evening as the Candidates Forum, GBACC is sponsoring. It was suggested GBACC change the day of the Membership Meeting because some of the candidates have been contacted.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:30 PM. The minutes were written by GBACC Secretary Jerry Knight. The next board meeting is September 16, 2014, 4:30 PM at the Medical Center.