In attendance: Debbie Robinette, President, Terry Lewis, Vice President and Jerry Knight, Secretary, Members at Large: Ellis Burruss, Pat Schoonover, (2015 board) and Angel White Liaison to the City Council.

Absent: Teri Pizzola, Treasurer, Rosanne Roe, 2015 Secretary, Members at Large: Sheila Gray Terri Shanahan, Sandra Lashley

Call to Order at 4:40 PM

Treasurer’s Report: The treasurer’s report was available for the board to read and it was approved as written. The treasurer’s report is on file with the Treasurer and is available on request.

Committee Reports:

Membership Report: Debbie Robinette gave the report.   Hillside Liquor joined GBACC. All the December dues statements have been completed and mailed.


The next advertising opportunity should be the Restaurant Place Mat. The decision for this will be made at the 2015 Board Meeting.

Special Events: The next event for GBACC is the January 14, 2015 GBACC General Business meeting. It was decided it will be at the Oak Tree Inn and the Inn will provide refreshments. More discussion on the location and date of the general meeting will be at the 2015 Board Meeting. Special Events will be discussed in more detail at the meeting in 2015.

New Business:

Members present discussed the duties of the Secretary and how they can best be accomplished. Rosanne Roe the new 2015 Secretary was not able to attend the meeting but had sent an email stating she believes she can handle most of the duties. Terry Lewis and Angel White express interest in taking over the Welcome Tote delivery. Jerry will get with Terry Lewis and later Rosanne Roe to discuss how to use Constant Contact. Jerry will also discuss with Rosanne more details on how to perform some of the duties.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:30 PM. The minutes were written by GBACC Secretary Jerry Knight. The next board meeting is January 20, 2015, 4:30 PM at the Oak Tree Inn, unless a new time for the meeting is schedule at a special board meeting in early January.