In attendance: Debbie Robinette, President Abbie Ricketts, Vice President Jerry Knight, Secretary Teri Pizzlola, Treasurer – (briefly) Terry Lewis – At Large Member Absent Sheila Gray – At Large Member Dave Hall – At Large Member

Call to Order at 5:30 PM

Due to inclement weather the board had a very brief meeting.

Treasurer Report: Debbie passed the Treasurer Report around for the board to review. The treasurer report is on file with the Treasurer and is available on request.

Old Business: The board briefly discussed the following; more follow up at the next meeting.

Membership: Chair Debbie – Ambassador Sheila Debbie advised all the billing for the April membership renewals have gone out.

Advertising/Promotion: Chair Jerry The back page of the Brunswick Citizen is being advertised for our next advertising program.

Events: Chair Terry Lewis
GBACC/EDC Business Expo – Chair Abbie – Several members of the GBACC and EDC committees for the Expo attended the Thurmont Expo on Friday, March 14th then met later to discuss it. More on this at the next meeting. GBACC Awards Dinner – Debbie announced Helen Riddle has been invited to be the featured speaker for the Awards Dinner but has not yet replied. She asked for other nominations. Someone to speak from the Frederick News Post was suggested. Shredding Day – Jerry told the group one more sponsor is needed for the shredding day.

Tourism & Instruction: Chair Abbie Welcome Center – Abbie told about attending the Visitor Center Volunteer Training Session on March 13th with Esther Turner and will share more information later. Business 101 – Ellis discussed getting a speaker from 270Net Technologies to introduce the series on social. They already have a class prepared on the topic.

Business Community Liaison: Chair Dave This committee needs to be defined more and might be more appropriate as a part of the Business Advisory Group.

Finance Committee: Chair Teri Pizzlola. Teri had to leave because of the weather so the treasurer report was passed around to the board.

The board agreed to accept Ellis Burruss proposal for 100 business cards at $8.00 per 100. A business card information sheet will be sent to the board members.

New Business: GBACC will work with the EDC and Main Street to include the Main Street pamphlet “The Conductor” with more information about all of the Brunswick area for an area information packet.

Rick Weldon will be asked to speak at the April General Business Meeting.

Adjourned 6:05 PM. Minutes written by GBACC Secretary Jerry Knight