In attendance: Debbie Robinette, President Abbie Ricketts, Vice President Jerry Knight, Secretary Terry Lewis – At Large Member
Absent: Sheila Gray – At Large Member Dave Hall – At Large Member, Teri Pizzlola, Treasurer

Call to Order at 7:37 Am

Treasurer Report: The treasurer report was not available. The treasurer report is on file with the Treasurer and is available on request.

Old Business:

Committee Reports:

Membership Report: Debbie – No new members were added in the last month. All billing for membership dues is up to date.

Advertising/Promotions: Jerry – The next project is the place mat and it will be in the next newsletter. Abbie noted GBACC might want to look at some different advertising ideas. The board will be asked to bring to the next board meeting ideas for other ways to advertise other than just the inserts and the place matt. Abbie will ask King Pizza if they would like to use the place mats and have their business listed on it.

Special Events: Abbie – The Business Expo will be on October 18th, 6 to 9 PM at the Brunswick High School. Table rentals were discussed; the lowest bid so far is $12.00 per table, but other bids are being sought. Debbie – The GBACC Awards Dinner was cancelled this year because of lack of participation. Jerry suggested the awards be given at a special presentation during the Kick Off to Railroad Days events. It was agreed this is what will be done. Terry – The GBACC Mixer is Thursday, June 20th 6:00 to 8:00 PM at Grasshopper Garden and Patio. Snacks and door prizes will be proved by Grasshopper and GBACC will supply the wine.

Tourism & Instruction: Abbie advised both the April 30th (25 people) and the May 13th (20 people) BIZ 101 events had very good attendance and were considered a success. The need for a GBACC business/tourism brochure was discussed. A copy of an older one was presented to the group and it was decided we should work with the format on it to establish a new one. Jerry will ask Ellis about pricing on it (He did and Ellis will sent the board a price estimate for 5,000 copies).

Brunswick Advisory Project: A Brunswick Advisory project with Brunswick Main Street was discussed. The Advisory program would be available to businesses in the community who have problems and need advice from a professional. Main Street would handle their area and GBACC would handle the rest of the area. Advice would not be given but recommendations could be given for contacts to help.

GBACC Budget – The budget was approved at the May General Business Meeting. It was advised that the EDC may ask GBACC for some monetary help with the adverting bill board on the corner of Souder and Petersville Road to direct people to the Brunswick Welcome Center. It was agreed if GBACC had their logo prominently displayed on the billboard the request would be considered. There will be more discussion on this if the request is made. There is a sign board on Petersville road with metal signs from many of the local service organizations. The board discussed the possibility of having a GBACC sign on this board. Jerry will ask Mayor Tome if she knows who is in charge of the board.

It was agreed we should reach out now to try to get people to volunteer for Railroad Days and the Expo. More will be discuss on this later.

The GBACC by laws Committee will be discuss at a later meeting

Adjourned at 8:31 AM. The minutes were written by GBACC Secretary Jerry Knight