Board Members   Liaisons   Others
X Terry Lewis, President   Angel White (City)   Rosanne Roe
  Terri Shanahan, VP   Abbie Ricketts (Main St)    
X Jerry Knight Secretary        
  Teri Pizzitola, Treasurer        
X Ellis Burruss        
  Pat Schoonover        
  Michelle McIntyre        



The regular meeting of the GBACC Board meeting was called to order at 7:10pm on September 14, 2015 by Terry Lewis, President.

 Approval of Minutes

Minutes from August 2015 reviewed and approved.

Approval of the Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer’s report of August 2015 reviewed and approved

 Open Issues

  • Welcome Totes
    • Jerry will complete the list for new home owners and send to Terry
    • Terry will send out a reminder email on Wednesday before delivery
    • Ellis will prepare a door hanger to leave when home owners are not home.
    • Angel to send an email to council members to help with tote delivery this Sunday, 9/20
      • As of how, we have Angel, Terry and Walt Stull scheduled to deliver totes
    • Oktoberfest – sign in sheets
      • BHS Boosters will help with the breakdown
      • A volunteer meeting will be Set 24th at 7:00 need to have a signup sheet
    • Railroad Days
      • Need to circulate a sign-up sheet
      • Ellis would like to get someone from the City to promote Railroad Day at the Lovettsville Oktoberfest
    • Business Expo
      • Abbie will co-ordinate with River and Trail for a commuter bus for the vendors
      • A decision has not been made on Bingo or other games – will discuss at the next committee meeting
      • The banner on the GBACC web page should go up by middle October
      • A meeting should be scheduled for the working committee
  • Insurance Policy
    • Terry will meet with Connie Phillips next week to ask for a quote on Board Insurance. The current policy does not have the correct coverage.
  • Membership –
    • Jerry will update the membership list to bring it current.
  • Brunswick Main Street – mural
    • GBACC will donate $1000 towards the mural
  • New Business
  • Elections – VP, Treasurer, 3 Member-at-Large position open. The request for nominations for the Board will be in one more newsletter then the board will try to recruit new board members for the vacant positions.
  • Engaging volunteers – This is a priority for the GBACC Board and more discussion is needed
  • New Members –
    • A membership packet should be assembled give to new members at a new member reception or other event. A welcome email should be sent to each new member when they join.
    • Giving potential new members a discount to join GBACC was discussed. The member would pay now and their membership would not renew until January 1, 2017, giving the business an extra 2 months of membership if they join in October. Ellis would like to promote this at the Lovettsville Oktoberfest.
  • Website Maintenance and update – will discuss at a later meeting.
  • Placemat advertising- The placemat should be completed by the end of the week. The next advertising opportunity will be the Frederick News Post insert.
  • End of the Year Reception – One more try for the Kaplan Building should be made and if not successful the event should be at the Heritage Museum with a donation of $200 to the Museum.
  • Check to Abbie for the Brunswick River Mural – Terry will check to see if the check has been issued. A photo should be taken presenting the check to Main Street and the City.


Meeting was adjourned at 8:16pm by Terry Lewis.

The next Board meeting will be at 7 pm on October 5, 2015, place TBD

Minutes submitted by: Jerry Knight as edited by Terry Lewis