• B2B Mixer, 2/26
  • Biz 101
  • Welcome Totes
  • Lovettsville Expo



Board Members   Liaisons   Others
x Terry Lewis, President x Angel White (City) x Rosanne Roe
x Terri Shanahan, VP Abbie Ricketts (Main St)
(open) Secretary
Teri Pizzitola, Treasurer
x Ellis Burruss
x Pat Schoonover



The regular meeting of the GBACC Board meeting was called to order at 7:05pm on February 11, 2015 by Terry Lewis, President.


Approval of Minutes

The minutes of the previous meeting, January 6, 2015, were unanimously approved as distributed.

The minutes of the special Board meeting, January 20, 2015, were unanimously approved as distributed.

Approval of the Treasurer’s Report

            Treasurer’s report not available.


Open Issues

  • B2B Mixer
    • Press release sent to Julie Maynard and Brunswick Citizen 2/2/15
    • Postcards mailed to all business owners in the Directory
    • Postcard posted to GBACC FB, Middletown Chamber FB and Frederick Chamber website
    • Postcard given to Tiffany and Michelle McIntyre of Lovettsville for distribution
    • Beans’ is advertising via calendar, website and newsletter
    • Rosanne will post to the Brunswick Crossing calendar
    • Angel to “boost” ad on GBACC FB (max $50) – start 2/18
    • Registration Open via GBACC website
      • 9 registered to date via website
    • Ellis will print up Drink tickets for all those who pre-register
    • Different colored name tags to distinguish members vs non-members
      • Rosanne to get name tags with 2 different colored borders
      • Terry to bring markers
    • Ellis to send press release to FNP
    • Ellis to send postcard to Citizen to place postcard Ad
    • Rosanne to purchase plant/flower and card for Hanna as a thank you gift (Dahlings)


  • Cooperative Advertising
    • Terri S. has agreed to sell ads for the placement on a commission basis and will present ideas to the Board.


  • Biz 101
    • Set-up committee meeting date with EDC and Main street
      • Brainstorming session – Wednesday 2/18, 7pm, Potomac Street Grill
      • Angel to send notice/invite to Main Street and EDC
      • Terry will post on GBACC FB and the newsletter
      • Ellis to talk to Laura Leiberman, PR (Lovettsville)
    • Topics:
      • Marketing, Advertising, Getting Started (types of legal entities) Creating a Business Plan, Elevator Speech about Your Business, Selling and Closing the Deal, Ever Note App Training Session, Office Efficiency, Business Writing, How to Efficiently Communicate with Customers in the Digital Age, Advertising/PR


  • Billboard
    • Suggestions sent back to Bob McGrory
      • Bigger GBACC logo
      • Add Visitor Center street address
    • $1000 committed from GBACC


  • Storage Fee – check with Jerry to get key/combination
    • $420 paid
    • Angel, Terri, Ellis and Terry to see what is in the storage shed


  • Post Office fee
    • $63 paid
    • Check to see if Jerry will continue to check post office box


  • Business Expo
    • Fire Hall reserved for 11/5
    • Review contract with Board – Terry
    • Deposit of $250 – Terry
    • City has changed the Veteran’s Day parade to 11/8/15 (after Expo)
    • Plan for a working group to meet next month (March)


New Business

  • Lovettsville Expo
    • 1st Expo March 22nd in the Game Protective Association, 12N – 3pm
      • 9 booths, 16 tables
  •  Lovettsville MayFest – May 24th 10am-6pm
    • Joint table – City, EDC, GBACC, Main Street, Heritage Museum ($25 for booth)
    • GBACC to take lead (Abbie, Mainstreet chair and Allison Wilder, EDC chair)
  •  Welcome Totes
    • Drop advertisements off at Economic Development Office at City Hall (see Terri Householder)
    • Check with Jerry how many houses? How to get the list?
    • Drop off scheduled for March 15th, 1pm

 Agenda for Next Meeting

  • GBACC discount – ad on website (member to member)
  • Next General Business meeting


Meeting was adjourned at 8:23pm by Terry Lewis.

The next Board meeting will be at 7pm on March 9, 2015 at Oak Tree Inn conference room.

Minutes submitted by: Terry Lewis