Called to order at 5:51 pm

1)     Minutes from May 2

There was a motion to approve by Ellis, seconded by Tim; approved

2)    Treasurer’s report

Deposits for May: $552.23;  Expenses: $1315.31  of which D&O insurance and the Citizen ad accounted for over $1200.00

There was a motion to approve by Michelle, seconded by Sheila; approved

3)     June 13 meeting

Advertising–The meeting has been in the Friday newsletter; a postcard was mailed on Saturday; it has been on FB; there will be a special CC, and individual emails will be sent to members on Wed.

          registrations– Responses will be forwarded to Michelle

agenda — 6:30 – 7:00   socialize and snacks;

7:00 call to order for business meeting

Intro new members (brief elevator speech from each)

Review GBACC calendar for the rest of 2016

By laws revisions: add Internet section; other changes if                                     they are ready

7:30 — 8:30   further socializing and snacks.

4)     Web site update

There was a discussion of needed improvements and changes to the GBACC website.

5)    Bylaw changes

The “Draft-GBACC bylaws” submitted by Michelle and Callie (attached below) were proposed to be added as section 8 of the bylaws. There was a motion to approve by Michelle, seconded by Ellis; approved.

There was a general discussion of other changes to the bylaws but no specifics were voted on. Michelle and Ellis will present suggestions to the board by email before the Monday membership meeting.

Abbie indicated that it might be necessary to register bylaw changes with the state because GBACC is a corporation.

5)    Co-op advertising

Placemat #46 will be distributed when Jerry returns next week. The next project will be an insert in the FNP

6)    Upcoming events

Community picnic– GBACC will have a table with EDC and Main Street

Election forum — GBACC and the Brunswick Citizen will co-sponsor a candidate forum/debate on Monday, July 11 for the City elections

Welcome totes — It was agreed to stick with the current design. Abbie will provide prices on 200 or 500 bags. It was also noted that we are out of window decals for new members

Lovettsville Mixer– There might be an event at the New NV Retail project. If it occurs, GBACC members may attend as guests.

Beer & Pizza — The mixer will be held 6:30 Thursday July 28; GBACC will provide the pizza and may provide some beer. A budget will be decided at the July board meeting.

Expo — There will be a working group meeting on Tuesday, July 5 at 7:00 pm at the GBACC office.  EDC, We’re In, and Main Street will be invited to participate. Ellis will send out a draft timeline before the meeting.

Board Meeting — the July board meeting will be just prior to the Expo meeting at 5:30 pm


1) all gbacc accounts on the Internet shall be tied to an @ gbacc (or whatever the organization name is) email address

2) no Internet accounts shall be made for gbacc without permission of the board

3) the secretary shall maintain a list of the accounts held by gbacc and their log in and passwords. Should passwords need to be changed, the secretary will be notified of the new password within 7 days

4) the signatories on the bank account will also have all of the passwords and account information.

6) accounts requiring payment will be drawn on the gbacc credit or debit card

7) at no time shall any administrative access be held solely by one person.

8) all passwords will be changed whenever a position with password access turns over.