GBACC Board Orientation Meeting

January 03, 2020 6:00 pm
Location: Own It
Minutes (Approved, January 22, 2020)
Called to order 6:06 pm present: Sheila, Brett, Allison, Arch, Jim, Ellis, Larry
Council Liaison: Angel
1. Introduction Board Members for 2020
Board members briefly introduced themselves and their businesses
2. GBACC History, Positions and Responsibilities –Ellis
Brief history of GBACC and it’s evolution from a member-driven to a board-driven organization. Discussion of the role and responsibilities of the Board
and the officers.
3. Annual Schedule of Events
The 2020 draft schedule of events was edited and City activities were added. There was a motion by Ellis that our January social be at Brunswick Sports &
Apparel on Wed. January 29 from 6 to 8:00pm. GBACC will supply wine and Abbie will provide snacks. We will publicize this event heavily. There will be a
brief business meeting. The motion was seconded by Sheila and passed.
4. 2020 Budget
The outgoing treasurer presented a draft budget with $19,879.00 anticipated expenses and $19,725.00 anticipated income. A correction was made to the 2019
expenditures for the Expo. After discussion the budget was passed on a motion by Arch, seconded by Jim. The possibility of a second shred day in Lovettsville was
raised for future consideration.
5. Membership
Jerry Knight as administrative asst. has been putting the membership lists in good order. We currently have 95 paid-up members. A list of members can be
found on the GBACC website directory which is up-to-date.
6. GBACC Business
Schedule Monthly Meeting — after some discussion there was a motion by Ellis, seconded by Jim that the Board will meet on the 4th Wednesday of each
month at Own It at 6:30pm. The motion was passed.


Co-op Advertising– The placemats and newspaper inserts have been dropped as not being effective. The direct mailings will continue and a schedule of
was published in the January 3 newsletter. The program will continue to be revenue-neutral with any excess funds used for social media advertising. It was
suggested that the 9-route mailer be offered again.
Committees– Shred Day is coming up at the end of April. Brett volunteered to be the person in charge.
Welcome Totes– are distributed 3-4 times a year. Arch volunteered to be the person in charge.
Expo– We will decide in July whether or not to have one Business/Education Classes –Ellis will co-ordinate with Main Street
ERC. There was a suggestion to have a class on taxes Socials–The monthly socials will be organized on an ad hoc basis.
There was general agreement that effort should be made to involve GBACC members in the organization and work of these activities.
Membership Committee — Arch agreed to work on out-reach. Members who hear of a possible new GBACC recruit will report it to Arch. Ellis will find the
files of recruitment materials.
The Fred. News-Post is publishing 25,000 copies of the Conduit in cooperation with the Fred. County Chamber and has asked GBACC if we wish to
purchase an ad.

Possibly the City EDC might be interested but no motion was made for GBACC participation.
The meeting was adjourned at 7:06 pm
E. Burruss, acting Sec’y