Call to order at 10:25 am

In attendance: Terry Lewis, Michelle McIntyre, Callie Fulmer, Ellis Burruss

  1. Budget Review
  2. Break down events by quarter

(Discussion deferred until after lunch break and 2016 expenses are available)

  1. Re-evaluate promotional options/ Brainstorm ideas for future


  1. Prioritize donations


  1. Ellis reports on findings regarding advertising options with FNP

The FNP insert was discussed with J. Hentzleman. She will get back to us with some suggestions for a redesigned, full color insert. It is possible, but not likely, that the FNP would take on the whole project in which case the individual ads will be more costly.

Also discussed (apart from the FNP) was a redesign of the placemat to eliminate the map to make more ad space and print it in full color.

A possible design for a local EDDM mailer was also discussed.

Any of these projects will require additional costs for design and color printing. In addition there will be a need for someone to sell the ads and coordinate the projects.


  1. The Future of GBACC
  2. Develop vision statement

“The vision of GBACC is to foster a healthy and prosperous business community through economic development, education, and advocacy for the Greater Brunswick Area.”

“The mission of GBACC is to provide opportunities for individual business promotion and to inspire our community to support the local economy.”


  1. Share/Discuss collective goals


  1. Establish a timeline for future projects:
  2. Logo Review

By the end of this year

  1. Website Design (see below)
  2. Newsletter

Terry needs help with the newsletter — particularly the President’s message. Callie will write them for June.

  1. Other?

There was a discussion of a GBACC email newsletter that would be targeted directly at consumers. It would be an opportunity for member businesses to advertise.

Constant Contact — There are 407 addresses on our newsletter list. There will be a discussion of the Constant Contact on Wednesday, June 7 at Penny’s; 7:00 pm

  1. Terry reports on discussion with new IT consultant

Terry met with Don Huscha the new IT guy in town. He will re-design and then maintain the GBACC website for $15/month. Terry will talk with Phil about making a transition. She will also discuss with Mr. Huscha the possibility of setting up a new website instead of repairing our current one.

  1. Board vacancies

There was discussion of a dues discount for board members to encourage more participation.


  1. Break for Lunch


  1. GBACC Calendar


Agenda point 1A: the expense record for 2016 was discussed and clarified as needed. A suggestion was made that an additional column be added to expenses to record volunteer hours. Business dues could be adjusted (or rebated) depending on volunteer participation during the year.

The treasurer was asked to make another budget proposal.

There was a discussion about making dues dependent on business size

  1. Based on budget discussion lay out calendar for 2017-2018


  1. Michelle to report on discussion with Beth Johnson

There was no financial accounting for the March BBQ event. The City may take over the event in the future.

  1. Wrap up and Evaluation