Called to Order 6:30 PM, GBACC President Debbie Robinette was out of town so the meeting was conducted by GBACC Vice President Abbie Ricketts.

The minutes for the February 2013 meeting were approved unanimously with a motion from Jerry Knight and a second from Ellis Burruss.

Abbie gave the Treasurer’s Report, Ellis Burruss made a motion and Terry Lewis made the second for the report to be approved. They were approved unanimously. The treasurer report is on file with the GBACC Treasurer.

Abbie reported for Debbie that all membership billings for the month of April have been completed and there were not any new memberships.

Jerry Knight show the group a copy of the ad from the April 4th Brunswick Citizen and advised the next advertising event for GBACC will be a insert in the Frederick News Post. More information on the insert will be available in the Friday newsletter.

Jerry reminded everyone the GBACC Shredding Day is Saturday, April 20th , 10:00 AM to 1:00 M at the Brunswick Shopping Center. He showed the Shredding Day flyer and gave Brunswick City Manger Rick Weldon a copy of the flyer to put on Channel 99, if it is not already on it.

Abbie told the group the Brunswick Fire Department is not available for Friday night to hold the GBACC/EDC Business Expo. Negotiations are under way with Brunswick High School to have the Expo there on October 18th. The working group is working to get a maximum on ten and a minimum of five restaurants to participate in the Expo.

Ellis Burruss advised Tuesday, April 30 will begin a series of 4 classes designed to get your business into the world of social media. The first BIZ 101 Class will kick off with a presentation by 270net Technologies on an overview of different social media tools and ideas about how social media can grow your business.

Debbie is the lead on the Award Dinner and she is out of town. General information was given that the dinner will be on May 18th, 6:00 to 9:00 PM at the American Legion. More information will be available in the weekly newsletter as it is available.

Brunswick Events Coordinator Fay Sanders ask the group to help the October 2013 Railroad Days by volunteering.

The Business Meeting concluded and Brunswick City Manager Rick Weldon spoke to the group about his focus on building more effective partnerships and developing new tools to help spur economic opportunity for the whole City. The program is part of Mayor Tome’s recent alignment of duties at City Hall. A question and answer period followed the talk.

After the talk a reminder was given that the next Business Meeting would be May 8th at 7:30 AM.

Adjourned 7:25 PM

Minutes written by GBACC Secretary Jerry Knight